On the road

I once thought my life would follow the crisp and clean look of black and white like a road set in asphalt with it’s white edges moving me along through the life I planned and dreamed of.  Instead it has been a path, soft and hard, molded around the falls of the trees; guided by the rocks and the roots that creep from the ground and the shifting soil that has responded to what the season has shared.  The path of course is more beautiful, filled with emotion, ups and downs, trips, falls and failures and separation from those loved. It offers trials with lessons begging to be learned, challenges waiting to be solved, and moments to share stories of those who walk, faithful and courageous, stories of miracles had and hoped for.

 It’s really amazing and without this last year, I think I would have missed the path. I would be traveling on the road too fast trying to get somewhere with the least amount of discomfort and inconvenience.  I would still be heeding arbitrary and lifeless man made beliefs and rules of not enough that I had created and placed on others and myself.  Instead, I have slowed to marvel in the lives around me, the messy, imperfect, and yet the most beautiful lives reflected in the people who have been placed in my path.  In this awesome challenge called life, I thank you and Beau for walking with me. Who might you thank today? 



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