The Bnote Speaks

I remember the moment clearly. We were all sitting in the living room grieving together the news of our beautiful boy, each sharing our thoughts and sadness when a comment was made that struck us all. 


“Beau’s story isn’t over, it has only begun.”


You see the Bnote family always knew Beau was created for greatness and that his life would be a testimony and have the ability to make a difference. We all envisioned this happening while he was living but the thought occurred to us that Beau still WAS created for greatness and his story could move mountains even in his death. So…in a matter of a few minutes the Bnote was created. 


The people in that room all knew this had to happen, it NEEDED to happen and so it did. Sometimes when you step out in obedience to what God is telling you, you don’t have a clear direction but we trusted. We knew. 


With the help of many friends and family a website was created in a matter of days, branding was clearly thought out and perfected and the message was there. Again, we trusted. The Bnote was then launched during Beau’s celebration for life. Hundreds of Bnotes were created and tied together with gift cards to send out into the community. Each person who attended the celebration of life was given these cards and a challenge. Keep one for yourself and give one to someone else. The message of the Bnote needed to be heard. A smile spread across our faces as we watched Beau travel back out into the world into spaces unknown. 


With each passing month after Beau’s celebration of life, the Bnote family met frequently to discuss the vision of this organization and perfected the mission. Overtime, we grew closer. 

We had the opportunity to discuss the purpose of the Bnote in small group settings, to individuals and peers. Then we were encouraged to speak publicly.  


Even though most of us in the Bnote family work in education and feel comfortable speaking in front of people, this was something we were all of little weary of. This was different. Of course, we all knew that Tyler {Beau’s brother} would be the one to speak if it ever came to that. When hearing this Ty would just shake his head and say “my brother was always good at putting me in uncomfortable situations.” 


Well that is exactly what happened last Tuesday evening. 


The Bnote was set to speak to one of the largest college groups in town called the Compass Collective. There can be up to one hundred students who attend to hear the messages and the anxiety quickly grew. The Bnote family met frequently before the speaking date to perfect the message and give a clear, concise vision of the Bnote in a matter of thirty minutes. 


The night arrived and the Bnotes were printed and ready to hand out. The message had been perfected and again, we trusted. We prayed for confidence for Tyler and that Beau’s story would continute to teach us all about love and compassion for ourself and others. 


It. was. amazing. 


Watching the event unfold, I couldn’t help but think about that moment in the living room where we knew Beau’s life could make a difference. Boy was it evident that evening. God was right and we were so glad we trusted in Him.


We always knew there was a reason for theBnote and that night we felt it. 



*If you are interetsed in having the Bnote speak, you can contact us via our email at




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