More amazing than moonlight

The kayak slid into the water, quiet and stealth. The lake was still, mirror like abandoned after a day of hosting speedboats and rafts, jumping children and dogs fetching sticks. My oars dropped into the water, ripples moving out to touch the shore. There was no wind so gliding was easy.  Getting to a favorite place on the lake was effortless.

The only light came from the moon; it imitated the glow from a door partially opened that offers just enough light to ground you in the delirious wake of the nighttime.  A section of the water was glistening.  The silhouette of the trees were dark, the inset of their reverse lay in the water like a shadow drawn in charcoals on a beautiful piece of art.  To feel such quietness and peace was nearly overwhelming.  To be in such solitude was magical.  To be myself, no person noticing me, no one to care for as they all rested in the night.  There was only God and time to listen.

The cloud drifting in, teasing of a storm was shaped of a hand, reaching over or towards, either was good at the moment.  I felt it was just that, a hand reminding me who carries me. For an hour I drifted, paddled, sat and gazed from moon to sky to water. He had placed such beauty for my enjoyment. Tears made of stories so final and painful were replaced with gratitude and delight; the open sky reminding me of the big picture of life on earth and of home in heaven.  

I sometimes want to make sense of all this, of life’s jabs, nudges, pushes, rips of the heart, it’s pushing and pulling.  I want to struggle and resist, when if I only quit and drift in silence and prayer I might notice what it gives. Tonight I was reminded that if God created the moon with all it’s beauty to enjoy, how much He must care for us all. How true it is he watches over us.  The moon is awesome. And you, you are more amazing than the moon!


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