His picture should be on the side of a New York skyscraper, his cuteness hanging near the clouds for the world to see. “That is my grandson”, I would say smiling at the bigger than life photo of an incredible 4 year old. I would chuckle and say it again, “that’s my grandson”. But better yet, I get to see him in person. He’s fast, busy, happy and crammed with emotion. His hugs could knock you over. He squeezes me so close and tight that even though there are no words spoken it equates to screaming I love you. During those hugs, the both of us, just for a moment leave earth for the moon! So, the other day, after our hugging ritual, I set him down and asked if he wanted a Popsicle. I held a box brilliantly beaming with primary colors “Orange or Red?” I asked. “Red is my favorite”. “My favorite” is his new phrase. The beauty of his life is played out in the just a few words, “it’s my favorite”. Do you snuggle with you mom? “Yeah it’s my favorite.” Do you play tackle with your dad? “It’s my favorite.” Do you like your bike? “It’s my favorite”. You gotta love that word, favorite for it means, beloved, my chosen, my much loved.

His uncle Beau, had favorites too. Toy accordions, coffee, nachos, white t-shirts and bandanas, this list could be a mile long, changing with the next commercial, or the next conversation. I never had to ask what his favorites were because he bore them like a badge, bright and shiny, in your face. It became so easy to find the next new favorite in his kaleidoscope of likes.

I knew his favorites when it came to things. What I was unable to do is persuade him that he was my favorite; my beloved, that he was favored and wanted by God and that in the end, he should be his own favorite. In the quiet of the night when his favorite things were long put away, if he felt he wasn’t being picked, it seemed he just never believed enough to pick himself.

Our favorites are our part of our distinction, our specialty. So I got to thinking about favorites. Do I know the favorites of my family and friends? Have I taken the time to notice? Have I shown them that I care about what they love? Do my actions scream “I love you; you are my favorite” to my loved ones and myself?

So the rest of this month I am going to find out the favorites of those around me and tuck them away for future moments of surprise and delight while I show them why they are my much loved.

Share with us something that is a favorite of yours.

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