Dance anyway

I love to hear the stories of the person behind the counter, the colleague at the meeting, the neighbor, the waiter, and the stranger.  They are all beautifully different and yet the same, I haven’t heard any without heartache. 

Today I listened to the woman behind the coffee counter who spoke eagerly of her plan to “dance the night away” at a summer concert.  The breeze was warm and the sky was colorful, it was the perfect night to be swept away by musical geniuses.

We heard the windows lock, the doors close and the last employee leave.  She spun her body slightly as the click to the door took and she headed towards her car.  We asked if she too was going dancing at the concert. She said, “no I’m not going to the concert……but I’m dancing anyway”.  I repeated in a whisper, “dance anyway, I love that”.  

Beau would like that, I thought to myself. 

Nearing the end of a year I have grieved the loss of his smile, hugs, and laugh.  I would love to renew my motherly tears shed when he struggled here on earth, paired with prayers for his heart. I would love to somehow have a do-over when it comes to miscommunications, words spoken or unspoken. I would love to see the uniting of Beau with his brother and sister, to spend Christmas together, to sit quietly by the fire drinking his favorite tea, commending his strength, resilience, his sensitivity, his artistry and passionate heart.  He would want that too.  However, for this uniting I must wait. 

I remind myself, my family and I have danced pretty well this year. For myself, there were times between the silent wailing of my spirit, I danced joyfully to the tune of this life and Beau would be proud.  So, today I will dance anyway, no matter my circumstance and I will be an encourager to others struggling to dance their dance.

Will you dance anyway?

C’est Beau

P-Town 208

6 thoughts on “Dance anyway

    • Jane,

      thanks for you words.  I always wanted Beau to be proud of all of us and himself.  I feels good to know pain is not in his way anymore.  Also, it feels good to have someone say he would be proud.  Thanks, your words warm my heart.


  1. I love dancing anyway. Beau always did. Spontaneous as could be, he showed me how to break the mundane flow we can get caught in. I love him Very much, my thoughts and prayers are that his family and loved ones be surrounded with peaceful light. Thank you for your stories.

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