I have been challenged to share Beau’s story and have not been ready, until now.  Even having said that, there are days that my heart can barely take it.  To share the life of a loved one who is longer here to add their thoughts is a serious matter for me.  I believed there would come a point in Beau’s life where we would be doing this together.  That his beautiful and gifted way with words would meld with mine and together we would heal others and ourselves.   Beau is in heaven now, I picture him guiding me with his smile and hugging me as I write the happy notes as well as the sad ones on paper.  Mom, he would say, don’t worry about me.  These were a few of his last words, and words he shares in my dreams.

So I will begin and slowly and with care, take a trip into the past with you and with Beau.


Cest’ beau!

All is well