10 ways to embrace the Bnote message

1. Create a safe space to hold on to, listen understand the story of someone who is ready to share with you. I love the idea of double confidentiality offered in Courage to Lead where no one can talk about the issue again unless the storyteller brings it up. Something you might agree upon or not if you have an opportunity to care for someone in this way.
2. Besides your conversations with God, your most important conversation is with yourself. Speak kindly.
3. When someone is doing something that seems crazy, there is usually a reason, offer compassion.
4. Be aware of the difference between guilt and shame. Simply stated guilt might sound like “I made a mistake”, shame speaks like this, “I am a mistake”.
5. Share a bnote with someone; it’s a great reminder!
6. Pray for someone today and if you are able, take action to love them.
7. Resist accepting the labels others give you or that you give yourself and resist placing labels on anyone else. I love that Pastor Drew said, “give the label maker to the rightful owner, God”.
8. Brene’ Brown shares that shame cannot live in a petri dish full of empathy. Practice empathy.
9. Forgive someone or forgive yourself.
10. Believe that shame is not anyone’s destiny.

Let us know what is your favorite on this list? Or add a way to embrace the Bnote message, there are way more than 10!

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